I Think God Might Be A Boxer

{From August 27, 2015} Today was hard. Every once in a while a day sweeps over me like a wave. It feels like the space around me is filling up to the point of near drowning. The trouble is that unlike a true tidal wave, no one sees this one. I don’t really either, but […]

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Martin, An Hermes 3000, & My Hopes for 2015

Yesterday I met a lovely little man named Martin. He was a supervising curator at a museum exhibit I visited with some friends. The exhibit displayed a collection of typewriters owned by some illustrious men and women who’d graced the covers of TIME Magazine. Writers, musicians, actors, and even some more sinister characters like Dr. […]

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Why The World Should Stop

the square peg

When something like this happens, the world should stop. Today, I went to a funeral. Actually, I went to one without ever leaving my car. Barreling up the 5 freeway headed out of Los Angeles and bound for a small town much farther north, the brake lights ahead flashed red and the cars around me […]

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