Thank You For Showing Up

What I’m about to write is personal, so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without proper context, but I’m not going to give it any of that. No context. All anyone reading this needs to know is that it’s about God, my perspective in light of Him, and family. 

We know how crazy things have been recently. You’ve given me so many incredible opportunities, and all I want to do is please You in everything I do. I’ve been putting out fires and trying to prove myself, day in and day out, running myself a little ragged trying to balance it all. I should know that I’m trying to do too much out of my own strength (no bueno), but I forget to pay attention to that reality in the midst of everything.

Tonight, you reminded me. It’s not so much that I’m surprised by You, but rather that I’m just so grateful. I’m grateful for You, Your character, and Your willingness to intervene when You need to.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for stopping the proverbial wind and the waves of my own, often selfish focus. Thank you for keeping the important things safe, for halting me in my introspective tracks and forcing me to pay attention to You. It’s not about my job, my finances, what I’m making of or for myself. It’s not about telling a good story, or being the funniest, or most dynamic person in any given room. It’s about You, loving You, and it’s about loving others. It’s about Your will being done. It’s about being grateful that all of my family is pretty good right now, because whether I want to think about it or not, that could change in a moment.

Thank you for changing my perspective, for widening it a bit more. Thank you for allowing me to see some of Your work and all of Your glory in things that I didn’t even realize were at work. Thank you for so much more than I could ever write here. Thank you for prayers answered, and prayers unanswered. Thank you for showing up.


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