Gratitude From A to Z : A-D

Photos courtesy of Pinterest
Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Recently, I’ve been focusing more on the things in my life that aren’t going exactly as I planned, which really only serves to cultivate feelings of frustration and a discontented desire to do something drastic, like get a tattoo, quit my job, pick up and move to a foreign land, in other words, change my life altogether. Now, I ​know that none of that is advisable or necessary, and though I hope to do all of that at some point, there’s no need to accomplish everything right now. So, in an effort to focus on the amazing, wonderful blessings in my life, and to curb my negativity, I’m practicing gratitude through the alphabet…

I’m really grateful for ​airplanes. The ability to fly is a luxury that I often take for granted, but how crazy is it that we can be anywhere in the world in a matter of hours? I can eat breakfast in California, and (late) dinner in England! I’m grateful that airplanes allow me the ability to see loved ones in other states, and parts of the world that I’ve never seen before. Thanks to airplanes, I’ve caught the travel bug, seen Abbey Road Studies, the Eiffel Tower, got scuba certified in the Caribbean, and figured out that I have a heart for missions and spreading the Gospel to the far reaches of the earth.

I’m grateful for the​ Bible. I’m grateful that God blessed us with a written how-to guide for life following Him. Because of the Bible, I can read all about Jesus’ life and get to know God better. ​I can have discussions with friends about what I’ve read in the Bible.

I’m grateful for ​cars.​ My car is not only the vehicle that gets me from point A to point B,. No, my car is my safe place, complete with a killer sound system, XM satellite radio, iPhone synch, and the most responsive heating/cooling system ever!! Sometimes when I’m feeling anxious or unsettled in some way, I get in my car and drive. With no destination in particular, for some reason the feeling of moving (particularly with the Pacific Ocean on the side of the highway), soothes me.

I’m grateful for​ dinnertime. I have more interesting and thought-provoking conversations over the dinner table than at any other point in my day. I’m grateful that dinnertime perfectly combines food (one of my favorite things) with community, friends, and family. ​Dinnertime also is at the perfect time of day. Work is done. If you’re lucky the sunset over Catalina Island is visible and breathtaking, painting the sky with hues of orange, pink, and purple. There’s a relaxed feeling to the day winding down at dinnertime that I thoroughly enjoy, a calm peace.

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